Have we signed anyone today?

"pleasingly blunt"



Born out of the frustration of regularly checking the sports pages for any news of signings for my own team, and not seeing any, 'Have We Signed Anyone Today' was originally a joke site which just said "No" whenever it was checked. It has since been developed to show a little more truth.


Very simply, the site asks for your preferred team, then scans for news articles relating to transfer news, specifically signings. It's not 100% accurate, but hey, it was developed over a couple of lunch hours and I'm still working on it.


The feedback has blown me away, it was a little joke that turned into something more serious and now it's featured in the b3ta newsletter (check it out if you don't already) and on the Guardian.com website, which gave me the amazing quote for this page headline :)

What this "success" also means, is that traffic has been high and although the site is minimal to say the least, it has also increased bandwidth, which has meant I have had to stick adverts on. Sorry for this, but help a fellow football fan out eh?